Update!!! I am moving to Minneapolis!

So I am moving to Minneapolis, MN to start my new IT job at Quality Bike Products! Since it’s been so nice out this summer I hadn’t been doing any writing, hence me not stuck inside and day dreaming about bikes, but trust me i’ve been doing plenty of riding and bike polo.

I have no bike friends out there yet and will need to make some new ones! Does anyone know what fun riding events I should know about? Good weekly rides? Or even areas to just stay away from while riding? Shops to not even set foot into? oh yes, coffee and or good place to get a beer or some tasty food(i am vary interested in those kinds of things)?
Not trying to sound ignorant of the biking community out there but I can only research so much online, and an advice from people that have had feet(or wheels) on the ground out there would be very helpful. But i do have to say it looks like its going to be pretty great out there for riding.  I made sure to hit up the bike polo group already.

I will be continuing this blog and my food blog Kitchen 365, I will probably be renaming the A2 Bikegeek blog and changing it’s URL to something more location neutral. Don’t worry I will make sure to post the appropriate links so that you will be able to find it!
Any advice and or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and stay tuned!


About a2bikegeek

Hello! This blog is about cycling and cycling related info, news, tips, tricks, rants, raves and reviews. I don't plan really covering any
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2 Responses to Update!!! I am moving to Minneapolis!

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