Weekend Recap – May 1st-2nd, 2010

This weekend was the Bike Ypsi Spring Ride & Festival 2010 for which I was in attendance for. I had a fun time, I initially was thinking that I was wanting to go on the 33mile long ride but after awaking Sunday morning I felt the 13mile medium ride would be more appropriate. After arriving the groups were quickly forming, Georgina from Bike Ypsi was standing on a picnic table trying to coordinate this heterogeneous mass of cyclists in every range of experience possible,

“FAST – Long ride riders amass there, SLOW – Long ride riders gather behind them, GO GUYS GO! , NOW FAST-Medium ride riders…”

I’m not sure how long it took to stage the last couple groups that progressively where consisting of the slower and slower riders (but i do know there was five, and the 5th group finished up to 45min+ later than our own group).

I already knew who I was already wanting to ride with so we grabbed my buddy from Bike Ypsi who was a guide, grabbed my friend that was also riding with me , we quickly formed our 13person group. We were the second medium – ride group, I knew we would have clear sailing ahead with enough of a gap behind us to not worry about groups clumping. So then we set off onto the gray and overcast road.

The weather was never an issue today, it was supposedly going to be storming all day but we barely got anything worth noting. Our ride took us out west on Packard rd out of Ypsilanti and over onto Platt rd in Ann arbor, up Huron parkway then back east on the Border to Border trail to Ypsi , then surface streets back into Rec. Park from where we began. We couldn’t really go as fast as I would normally would want to while riding on surface streets like those ones, but with 10 riders behind me I never worried about a vehicle not seeing us or coming to close so I felt comfortable riding slower. Although I do have to say having a group like ours I do feel it made me a little complacent. I still did my usual making sure we weren’t dropping people, making sure we cleared lights, point out hazards, but I still just cruised along and carried on a conversation the whole time. I do think it might of just been a really comfortable ride. I could use more like that.

After we returned we had our cookout, hot dogs , vegi dogs, chips, apples, oranges, banana’s, trail mix, brownies, I’m pretty sure there was other food too but we had all our bases covered for refueling. There were a couple goofy bike games that were played, then bike polo started up, for the most part we just took it easy to let other people be able to play. Soon after polo stopped people started to pack up and head out, I made my obligatory post Bike Ypsi event stop over at Corner Brewery with my buddies.

We chatted about the days happenings, everyone was pretty much pleased, but everyone has their opinion of some of the happenings. Some vocalized them some did not. Luckily we also stumbled upon the idea of an Espresso Tour, start in Ypsi, ride to Ann Arbor and back to Ypsi again, and of course stopping at select coffee establishments along the whole way. Alright, that is it for now! Pictures to follow shortly!

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