Ann Arbor – Bike Polo in the news

We recently had a local writer come down and experience bike polo for his first time he got some great footage and video to boot too!

From: Richard Retyi @

“I’ve always been mistrustful of bike people. Thousand dollar rides. Tight shirts and ugly logos. Thinking they’re cars when they lollygag on tight streets in front of the 168 roaring horses of my Volvo. The word Shimano.

Despite my prejudices, I’ve sponsored bike people in AIDS rides where my only tangible thank-you was a photograph of my rider triumphantly hoisting a bike over his head at the finish line – usually accompanying a request for additional funding for the next seven-day, 545-mile, look-how-much-fun-I’m-having trek.

I’m friends with a few bike people. Not good friends (GOD NO!) but friendly enough that we’ve accepted each other’s friend requests on Facebook and have an unstated agreement not to tag each other in unflattering pictures. One bike person friend is Nick Tenbrink. Nick generally posts about work, food and, yes, bikes. Last year and through this winter, I noticed that his Sunday posts were always about something called bike polo. “

Read the rest here

If anyone is passing through Ann Arbor and wants to play polo hit us up! We are always down for a game!

Image from: A2 Bikegeek

Ann Arbor Bike Polo

A2 Bike Polo

(Richard Retyi writes the bi-weekly-ish column, Lie to Your Cats About Santa while casually working on the great Canadian novel. Email him at or read more of his stuff here, here and here.)
You can find more about Ann Arbor Bike Polo through hereTwitter – A2 Bike Polo and also Facebook – Ann Arbor Bike Polo.


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