Google Bike Maps rolls out.

Well Google has finally rolled out what many of us have been asking for for a long time now, bike friendly route information in Google Maps.

Google Bike Maps – Ann Arbor

First things first, if you followed the above link you would see the sparse amount of information on bike routes here in Ann Arbor, a large majority of them downtown are not even roads but sidewalks. In fact I didn’t find an actual ‘Mapped’ road route for bicycle, no bike lanes indicated, where or what routes to take to avoid heavy traffic/high speeds. One nice thing they did map out is my favorite route to Ypsilanti from Ann Arbor by traveling the MUP along the Huron river, it is easy for me to remember it even in the dead of night but was always such a pain to try and describe it to people. In regards to Google Maps lack of biking info currently, there is a light on the horizon. According to Google, users will soon be able to contribute bike route information through Google Map Maker.

Oh, and by the way if you have not been out enjoying your bike these past few days i have no clue what could be going through you mind šŸ˜›

Happy riding!


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