Well it is officially Fall. Time to have a quick chat on required and recommended clothing and accessories.
LIGHTS, I try to never leave home without them these days even when i head out during the day, never know if i will get delayed and have to ride back in the dark,
specially with the dwindling sunlight.

For me I really like using the Niterider Mini Newt-usb , available at many locations and websites. This front light only has one mode (since its the cheaper model) and that mode is ‘ON!’ , it is a very bright unit, enough light to safely guide multiple riders when riding together, much brighter than a majority of headlights people tend to use. The light can mount onto your helmet or to your handle bars, the batteries are Li-ion and are housing in a separate pack from the light. It comes with an extension cord so that you can mount it in many different places. I like to put mine on the top tube, easy access. One of the really neat things about the light is that you can also charge it off of a USB cable on your PC. The battery has a good amount of run time too.

For my taillight I have been using a Blackburn Mars 3.0, it has multiple light modes and also side markers on it. It can be clipped to anything, messenger bags, pants and even comes with a frame/seatpost mount too.

I also recommend the Bike Planet Super Flash, i know a few people that use them and they are bright with multiple flash modes and ways to affix to you or your bike too.

For clothing.


I’m a huge fan of wool, it breathes, keeps its thermal properties when it gets wet and unlike synthetic cycling/adventure clothing you don’t have to wash it after every wear. Wool is much more robust of a material than most people think. Even a cheap thrift store wool sweater for $2.80 at Value World/ Salvation Army/etc can be a great investment for cold weather. And wool socks are worth more than their weight in gold! More info on wool.

Next time I will chat a bit on gloves i think, maybe even good winter drive trains for bikes, along with tires for the up-coming season.

Planet Bike

Nite Rider


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