Living off the back of my bike

So i’m a little behind on updating the blog but i was in the process of moving so i don’t feel so bad.

So while in the process of moving I was homeless so to speak for 10days. Through my network of friends I always had a couch of floor to crash on. The kicker to all of this was I wasn’t and couldn’t use my jeep which was turned into a mobile storage unit. So I loaded up my necessary worldly possessions onto my bike! Two panniers loaded up, a bed roll, and my messenger bag. Each morning i wold load up and roll to work, to where my coworkers always took to the humor when they would see me roll into work with my bike in it’s ‘homeless mode’ .

Through my 10day journey some things were clearly illustrated to me that before were not much of an issue. How much stuff do I really need in my life, turns out in reality very few possessions are truly needed, I had really wished that i didn’t have as much weight on my bike as I did, around 40lbs. When i get to do my cross country tour I will definitely not carry this much weight, let alone that much on the back of the bike.

One of the other things that came up for me was that between getting out of work and finding my next place for the night/waiting for the host to get home I didn’t have really many places to go. I could swing by the coffee shop and loiter (Comet Coffee was helpful with that) , go to a park for a few hours, I even went to the diag for a few times but it got a little strange at times, homeless and or panhandles started thinking i was one of them and their buddy, pedestrians would also start thinking that I was also of that click. So that was interesting being viewed in that way.

The other big issue was eating right or enough, without refrigeration i had to rely on dried goods and fresh fruit between meals or stopping at the burrito shop, etc. I was hungry 24/7 and started lusting after food, eating where ever I could get a free meal, or trade food for bike work. Oh yeah, i forgot to add, for a majority of this whole time I was nearly broke too, which added to the conundrum.

BUT now! All is well, I’m moved into my new home for nearly a week now, still getting settled in, I will soon have my bike shop setup in my basement too!!! Exciting! Well for me anyways.
In other exciting news I have returned to my studies at the university, and also just got a new sweet job a couple nights a week, and get this I will be getting paid to ride a bike….. welllll a Pedi-cab actually! So for those late nights at the bar I’ll be able to give you a lovely bike ride home on the back!

Attached are a few pics of my sturdy and trust steed loaded up with my belongings.
I’ll try and get some pics of my adventures on the pedicab tomorrow night to share with you all, i’m sure it is going to be crazy and fun!


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