Hello to all! Cycling fun in Ann Arbor!

Hello! This is my first post, I plan to blog about all kinds of things bike related, bikes, life, work, industry, rants, raves, etc.

First an introduction to myself, I am a bike geek, love to talk about and ride bikes 24/7. I am a local mechanic here in Ann Arbor, MI. I am also a college student with aspirations of one day using what i have learned in school and in life to one day open my own shop and also build frames, but lets take it in baby steps people.

So what kinds of bikes am I into? Well i have a few flavors of the two wheeled persuasion that i’m into. My bread and butter cycling is urban commuting/riding , i find it to be the best way to get around the city and surrounding area, so for a large part i ride my Surly Cross Check outfitted with full fenders and rack. I also enjoy riding light and fast fixed gear bikes, I have a Miyata 310 that i considered my ‘first real bike’ that helped get me hooked on cycling. The second fixed gear i ride is my Nishiki polo bike, which is also utilitarian with fenders and a rack. You never know when you might get caught in the rain and or need to haul something back from the farmers market after tearing up the polo court!

Currently I am between moving into my new house and my old house and am living off the back of my bike, two panniers and a bedroll loaded up on the back. People keeps asking me where I’m heading or going camping and i just tell them that i’m just couch surfing and living off the back of my bike. I’m going to snap off some photos of my loaded up rig in the next few days to show you how I’m rolling.

I’m going to wrap up this post with some referrals!
Best bike shop in town – Ann Arbor Cyclery
Weekly bike related fun – A2 Bike Polo – Sundays@4PM & Wednesdays @6pm – Palmer Field/Court (times are in bike people time so give of take a half hour) http://twitter.com/a2bikepolo
Eco Velo – my fav commuting blog
Bike forum and info – Bikeforums
Bike snobbery – Bike Snob NYC
Bike comic – Yehuda Moon

Alrighty everyone, till next time keep the rubber side down and have fun riding!


About a2bikegeek

Hello! This blog is about cycling and cycling related info, news, tips, tricks, rants, raves and reviews. I don't plan really covering any
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